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Regatta Hotel “Scrubs Up”

Regatta guests may have noticed a lot of very blue, medical-looking staff working behind the bar and in the Street Café. To raise awareness for the PA Foundation’s men’s health research initiative ‘Mandate,’ Regatta staff dressed up in surgeons’ scrubs for their Friday night shifts, generating a fair bit of customer amusement. Importantly though, they raised much needed funds for the initiative, which funds research into men’s health issues such as cancer and heart disease. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Regatta Hotel team and the generosity of our customers, we were able to raise over $4000 for the cause.

Regatta Hotel ‘mans up’ for men’s health

International Men’s Health week is just around the corner, but when it comes to the topic of men’s health, most Aussie blokes would rather walk the plank than discuss the issue of what’s not working and what’s stopped working. The PA Research Foundation’s annual Men’s Health Campaign wants to change the way men think about health problems by raising awareness and crucial funds for men’s health. The foundation has teamed up with Regatta Hotel to send a wakeup call to all men, get them to make a date with their doctor and seek medical attention for any health concerns. “As a foundation we provide vital funding to research projects ...