Brisbane’s iconic Regatta Hotel will be one of the first hotels in Queensland to adopt Australia’s biggest innovation in draught beer (since the 50 litre internal spear din keg!!) with the installation of its brewery fresh tank beer technology.

Two refrigerated copper tanks to be installed above the hotel’s main bar will make it one of the state’s first to receive fresh and unpasteurised Carlton Draught beer direct by tanker from cub’s Abbotsford brewery in Melbourne.

The beer is pumped direct from the brewery’s bright beer tank into special chilled delivery tankers for delivery to the Regatta and poured for the enjoyment of beer lovers in its freshest form over the next 14 days.

Regatta Hotel General Manager, Robert Brady, said that ”The Regatta’s positioning as a classic reinterpretation of its original 1874 grandeur as a place where people from all walks of life can eat, drink and relax, made it the logical choice for CUB to champion its brewery fresh tank beer.”

“We are going to extraordinary lengths to serve the freshest draught beer,” said Mr. Brady.

“Freshness and chilled delivery will ensure it tastes just like it does at the brewery. It has been described as having a crisp, lively taste profile and a smooth finish,” said Liam Walsh of CUB.

Unlike other beers, Carlton Draught’s unpasteurized beer is not heated to 70 degrees during the brewing process.

“It is Carlton Draught, served as its original nineteenth century brew master intended, unpasteurized and direct from the brewery,” explained Mr. Walsh.

Carlton Draught’s brewery fresh tank beer will be available at the Regatta Hotel from Friday 30th October.

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