New Menus throughout the Regatta Hotel

Regatta Boatshed recently released its boldest menu yet with a variety of mouth-watering share plates in place of the traditional entrée dishes. With dishes like the Bourbon Braised Sticky Brisket and Chargrilled Souvlaki Lamb it’s no wonder the new menu has been so popular.

“Share plates are really trendy at the moment, for obvious reasons. You can try a variety of dishes and aren’t limited to whatever entrée you decide on,” said Executive Chef, Dan Fleming.

“From the share plates to the dessert, there is an amazing range of flavour in this menu. We want our guests to go on a taste ‘journey’, and I think we’ve definitely achieved that,” Dan continued.

As well as the new Boatshed menu, the Street Café menu has released its spring menu, bringing back classics such as Bircher Muesli and Queensland Banana bread. The brunch pizza and nasi goreng are popular new additions to the menu.
Cocktail fans are in for a treat with the new Merle’s Bar cocktail list with a variety of fresh flavours and summer fruits. The new cocktail list has recently been released, just in time for the rapidly approaching silly season and warmer temperatures. Whether it’s a Christmas party, a casual drink or a big night on the town, Merle’s Bar has a cocktail to suit every occasion and all tastes.

Twice Cooked Pork Belly with preserved apple, fried enoki, candied walnut salad



OP Rib on the Bone – Boatshed’s new signature steak on a slate