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Regatta Hotel “Scrubs Up”

Regatta guests may have noticed a lot of very blue, medical-looking staff working behind the bar and in the Street Café. To raise awareness for the PA Foundation’s men’s health research initiative ‘Mandate,’ Regatta staff dressed up in surgeons’ scrubs for their Friday night shifts, generating a fair bit of customer amusement. Importantly though, they raised much needed funds for the initiative, which funds research into men’s health issues such as cancer and heart disease. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Regatta Hotel team and the generosity of our customers, we were able to raise over $4000 for the cause.

Regatta Hotel’s Annual Big Beef Off 2014

Regatta Hotel will celebrate its second annual Big Beef Off in the Boatshed restaurant on August 4, bringing together five of Queensland’s best beef producers (JBS, AACo, Stanbroke, Nolan and John Dee) for the tastiest competition of the year. Each producer has put forward their finest OP rib cuts, which are currently dry ageing on display in the Regatta’s Boatshed. Guests will be invited to blind-taste samples from each producer before voting for their favourite. The winning producer will be named ‘Best Beef’ for 2014 and $20 from each ticket sold will go to the winning producer’s beneficiary. The meat is dry ageing and the entertai...