Brisbane Birthday Party Functions

Birthdays come only once in a year. So, why not make it an event to remember? The Regatta Hotel’s functions team will ensure birthday events spent in our function rooms mark the event for years to come. In fact, we offer several exceptional and well-suited birthday function venues in Brisbane. We value each of our customer’s experience with us, so you are guaranteed not only a relaxing space to celebrate your special day, but also excellent service and fine food as well.

At the Regatta Hotel, our functions department strives to provide every guest with a memorable experience. We have a range of different function rooms available, each offering a different experience to partygoers. You have the choice of the Winterford Room, Thornton Room, Gailey Room, Gazzard Room, Henley Room or The Walrus Club. Each room caters for different sized groups; so depending on your needs we will find the perfect birthday party functions venue for you in Brisbane.

Along with all the finishings that create a comfortable and welcoming night, each of our birthday function room has its own distinct features, from the Henley Room’s famed wine cellar, the Walrus Club’s 1920s ambience, to the Regatta Hotel’s renowned architecture. When you choose to celebrate your birthday with us, we take careful consideration into every aspect of your event, including menu and dietary requirements.

For guidance in choosing which birthday function room would be best suited to your party please read over the capacity information of each room below:

RoomCocktail CapacityBanquet CapacityTheatre  CapacityBoard Style Capacity
Winterford/ Thornton120406025
Winterford/ Thornton/ Gailey140487030
Winterford/ Thornton/ Gailey/ Gazzard2508010040
Thornton/ Gailey50326020
Thornton/ Gailey/ Gazzard70408030
Gailey/ Gazzard40245017


Make your special day into an extraordinary one at the Regatta Hotel. For birthday function venues bookings and reservations, contact us today.

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